Shenzhen home guard Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative technology enterprise which focuses on the field of smart home.

Home guard, home security guard, is the vision of a family guard. The main members of the company, Baidu, HUAWEI, Tencent, Ali and the world's top 500 top players, is the first batch of domestic contact smart home team.

The company adheres to safety first, popularize high quality intelligent home, let everyone, every family can enjoy the safety and comfort of scientific and technological creation. The company requires each product to meet the following requirements, 1 must be creative and innovative, 2 public demand, 3 can afford, 4 high quality safety. In this era of oversupply, I hope that the consumer will get our products, and he will say, this is what I want.


Management System

Implement the IS09000 international standard production management system
Through communication with customers, design and development are constantly creative and continuously improved in production to meet more and more customers' needs. The development experience of the% personnel information system is more than 5 years, and the backbone personnel have more than 10 years' practical experience in the field, and they are the elites and experts in their respective fields.

R&D team

Shenzhen home guard Technology Co. Ltd, with the accumulation of research technology, created a strong innovation ability, rich experience in manufacturing business, good sense of service, with good communication ability of high-quality R & D team members are engaged in R & D, automation, communications, software and related products, 80% personnel information system development more than 5 years of experience, key personnel is to have more than 10 years of industry experience, are experts in their respective fields.


Fingerprint lockProduction Base

Shenzhen home guard Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Nanshan, Shenzhen. With the perfect production equipment and technical personnel, the integration of production management, operation and service as one of human resources, to build a modern chemical plant.