With the constant improvement of people's living standard, fingerprint lock has become home safety essential products, at present, according to statistics South Korea fingerprint lock penetration rate of 85%, the penetration rate of 75%, Chinese China market penetration rate of 3%, from the 2015 industry growth rate of 40%, in 2016 the industry growth rate of 50%, the total amount of up to about 1000000 in 2017.

So in the next 3-5 years, intelligent fingerprint lock will usher in an unprecedented opportunity for development. Smart home industry has become the direction of future development. We believe that as long as you have dreams, you will create a unique future.

Agency requirements

· 1.Identify the concept of enterprise development

· 2.Have a certain capital base to start the market operation

· 3.Marketing and after-sales service team with more than 3 people

· 4.Have mature channels and industry operation experience

· 5.Have good social relations and background to ensure the smooth operation of the market

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