Door-to-door installation service

Advance telephone and customer service reservation, 2 hours of professional master door installation
and maintenance. Installation costs are added to encourage the installation of the installation.

Security service, real name authentication

Installation Engineer identity real name certification, certificate on
post qualification certification unified record, safety and worry.

Worry free

From the date of sale (on the basis of the actual date of receipt), there will be no reason to return the goods within 30 days without affecting two sales. (a large promotional event, such as double eleven, based on the rule of actual activity), note: it does not undertake all the expenses after recovery.

Door-to-door installation service

The national three package policy and upgrade service can be enjoyed in any area of the country, and the warranty and life-long maintenance can be guaranteed.

After-sale service process
Matters needing attention:

1,Online stores do not accept real stores for purchase of goods

2,Real stores do not accept online stores for purchase of goods

3,For the goods in the same order, the application for the return must be submitted on the same day

4,Not a partial return of a set of goods